let's go to alt!

have you noticed the button at the bottom of this site, the one that says 'i'm going'? well that little button is there to share my big excitement at being able to attend altitude design summit, better known as 'alt', this year!

alt is a conference in salt lake city for design and lifestyle bloggers of all kinds and it looks to be an amazing time! everyone i've talked to about it has great things to say and i am so grateful that i have the chance to attend this year.

needless to say, things have been busy around here as i prepare for the trip and the conference. there have been outfits to plan, lists to make, new business cards to order (excited to share photos once they are finished later today), and a million other little things.

thankfully i had a little help with the outfit planning, courtesy of my friend rebecca from we are large, people. rebecca is a stylish lady, with a passion for helping others find their own style, and has recently started her own style consultation business. with so many outfits to choose for alt (about 2 per day), i enlisted rebecca's skills to help me narrow down my wardrobe to a suitcase full of stylish choices.

after pulling the options i liked best out of my closet, armed with the alt wardrobe planner and packing list from design crush, we started making a plan.

several hours, and many outfits later, we had a complete set of outfits for alt! rebecca was so helpful in the process, giving me honest opinions about what looked good on me and helping me decide between different options.

i won't reveal all our choices here- you'll have to wait for the daily posts while i'm at alt- but here's a small peek! honestly, i'm not bringing as much vintage as i would like, but a lot of my vintage isn't super flattering and i want to bring my 'a game' in the style department to this stylish conference! don't worry though- i've got plenty of vintage accessories to keep things real!