new year refresher

as i mentioned the other day, i've been making some slight changes in the gather and hunt space in the fremont vintage mall. one of the biggest is trading out the grey shelves, which were a remnant from the dear darling vintage days, for some larger, brighter pieces. in addition to the new fixtures, and some rearranging, i'm also planning to recover one of the walls this month with some natural canvas fabric. i think these changes are slowly helping to give the space the gather and hunt feel.

while i was bringing a few new items in yesterday, i actually had my phone with me so i snapped a few photos...

what do you think? i feel like it's coming along nicely!

here are a few new arrivals as well...

perfectly patina'd typewriter table with two folding 'wings'. i really wanted to keep this one, but now someone else can give it a good home!

really old, cast iron music stand with a beautiful decorative base. 

rustic and useful, this drawer unit is made from an old wooden liquor crate and has some cool old shipping tags from portland and seattle stuck to it. 
that's all i have for today! this weekend i hope to share with you some of the happenings around here as i prepare for alt summit!