on the hunt in Salt Lake City

during my recent trip to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit, i managed to escape the hotel for an afternoon to do a little thrifting with my friend Jenn from Scout. Vintage Rentals. we didn't have much time but we fit in a couple of great shops, and had a little fun in the snow too!

the snowflakes were huge and slushy

our first stop was Capital City Antique Mall. i had seen a spread about this shop in Cityhome Collective and it looked like a good spot- filled with treasures. it didn't disappoint.

i have a thing for lightbulbs ever since seeing the Edison exhibit at the Smithsonian in December

serious looking couple

a plate from my home state

i really wanted to take that blanket home (such pretty shades of green), but opted for some items that would fit into my suitcase a little easier.

after our taxi finally arrived (SLC is not really a taxi town), we headed over to Decades, the most amazing vintage clothing store i've ever been in! everything was immaculately organized and the store is just packed full of everything you could imagine. unfortunately, they didn't want us taking photos, so i only have one pic that was snapped before i asked if we could take photos. they also don't seem to have a working website, so the link above will direct you to a NY Times Magazine post about the shop.

the only photo from the shop- a case (that filled a whole wall) with amazing vintage jewelry
a few clutches i couldn't pass on (that peachy one is my favorite color right now)

as i write this, i'm wishing i had driven out to Salt Lake so i could have gathered even more treasures to bring home with me! there was some amazing vintage out there and the prices were so affordable. those of you living in SLC should count yourself very blessed!