another hat

you know how people usually ask 'so what do you do'? i have a hard time answering that question. probably because i do too many things (currently working three jobs and running a business)! i'm currently working on narrowing the list of things i do down, but one item on that list has been sadly neglected this last year and i was determined to change that this week. let me introduce you to one of the many hats i wear...

prairie and pearl is my handcrafted jewelry business. i take the small vintage curiosities i dig up at sales and give them a new life as jewelry. for the past year i've only had one item in my Etsy store, but today i am busy working on a whole bunch of new listings! they're not live in the shop yet, but here's a peek...

pony express necklace. vintage postal key return tag with vintage gold tone horse charm. 

same but with silver tone vintage horse charm.

1930's Minuet pencil necklace. complete with working pencil lead!

message in a bottle necklace.  vintage watch parts vial with vintage fortune inside (or add your own message).

vintage pen nib necklace. available with double and single chains. 

one the fellas might like- vintage pen knife on beefy brass chain. 

perfume locket- all natural solid perfume in vintage (NOS) brass locket on copper chain
i hope to have all of these listed by tomorrow, so stop by the prairie & pearl Etsy store and take a look!