for this week's curated life feature i'm sharing one of my longest running collections- vintage flower frogs. i've been gathering frogs since i was a teenager and while i prefer the more utilitarian, industrial styles, i never cease to be amazed at how many different materials and designs flower frogs come in. from ceramic, to glass, metal, plastic, and even ornate decorative pottery styles, there's a frog for every taste. 

{photo via Jarvis House Gallery Collectables}
there are many ways to make use of frogs, the most obvious being their intended purpose- arranging flowers! Martha Stewart has a helpful video if you're interested in learning to use frogs in your floral arrangements. 

{photo via Martha Stewart}

beyond their original function, frogs can be used to organize items, display things, and can even made into wall art. Haylie from H.B. Goods had a DIY featured on Design Sponge last year where she shows us how to create a functional and lovely wall display using frogs.  

{photo via Haylie, for Design Sponge}
frogs can even be used as functional household items. my good friend Melissa at re.stock uses frogs as soap dishes.

{photo originally via re.stock}
beautiful, useful, affordable- frogs are easy to find and make for great collections. here's a look at my own collection...

in their everyday environment

up close

don't forget- i want to share your collections! if you have a fun collection of things you love that you're willing to share with us, please email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com and we'll make it happen!