there was a time when i worked in a cubicle. a grey cubicle. i was surrounded with perfectly lovely people, people whose voices i could hear over the walls of my cubicle, but who i couldn't see. this made me a very sad girl. then one day, i left this land of cubicles and ventured out on my own. i miss the people i met in those cubicles (and the ones who were lucky enough to have offices), but i greatly prefer the life i have now.

if you didn't already guess- today i am grateful for the opportunity to have a business. and this business wouldn't be what it is without a place to display and sell all the vintage goodness i gather each week- the Fremont Vintage Mall.

{photo via Reware Vintage}
the FVM is a collection of vendors who lease spaces and then fill those spaces with whatever sorts of vintage goods appeal to them. the FVM provides an awesome staff so as a vendor all i have to do is restock my inventory, tag my goods, reset displays, and tidy a few times a week (in an ideal world). it's a great, low-risk way to start a brick and mortar vintage business. this made it a great choice when Melissa and i were starting our first vintage business, Dear Darling, since we were living in different cities and had no idea if we'd make any money!

 a bunch of our friends, Melissa, and i at the Dear Darling grand opening.
 the space at the FVM has definitely changed over the last few years...

at the Dear Darling grand opening

the last few months of Dear Darling

right after the transition from Dear Darling to Gather and Hunt

after trading out some grey shelving for white cabinets 

...but every day i'm filled with gratitude for a place where i can bring vintage treasures to find new life with others who love vintage.

what are you grateful for this week?


if you're in the Seattle area i hope you'll visit the Fremont Vintage Mall to see all the vintage goodness for yourself. starting tonight you also have the chance to get some great deals at the grand opening of FVM owner Jamie Hoffman's newest project, Auction House. for those of you outside Seattle you can shop for great vintage clothing and accessories at their sister company- Atlas Clothing- on Etsy.