on the hunt: instagram edition

one of the primary ways i find goods for the gather and hunt shop is estate sales. the thrifts can be kind of hit or miss in Seattle and their prices have gotten a little out of control, so estate sales are the way to go. of course, sometimes estate sales are just as hit and miss and this past weekend turned out to be a feast and famine weekend at the sales...

famine. friday was terrible! two different sales and all i found were these two items:

love the colors on this cute water jug! 

a whole stack of shooting targets from Sears!
they're great items, but only two things? come on!

feast. saturday was epic! i had seen a sale listed in west seattle that was being held by my favorite estate sale company out here- Donnelly & Donnelly (they are such good people and their prices are very reasonable)- and from the photos they posted i knew it was going to be amazing! 

my best 'haul' in weeks!

my good friend katie and i headed over a little over 2 hours before the sale started so we could get our names on the list. we grabbed some breakfast and then came back for our numbers (estate sales are complicated out here- but i'll save that for another post)- #15 and #16- not too shabby! with numbers like that we were in the first wave of people let in and we split up and started filling our enormous bags! 

heading out on the road at 6:30am definitely requires our fuel of choice- house made chai from Victrola Coffee

katie and i debated about who should buy this lamp. turns out katie has enough lamps, so i grabbed it for the shop. 

katie picked up that cute raccoon shoe brush guy to put outside her apartment building for her tenants to clean their shoes. we accidentally broke one of 'coonie's' paws off but a little super glue set him right!

katie found some amazing stuff, including that beautiful turkish rug. it had a few little holes so it was a steal and it'll look amazing in her apartment!

while i was unpacking everything the afternoon sunlight was illuminating all the vintage colors just perfectly so i snapped a shot of the prettiest stuff. 

my favorite find from the weekend. i saw this blanket in a photo and deduced which room it might be in. i made a beeline for it when we entered the house and snagged it seconds before another lady scooped up most of the blankets! 

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into the weekend hunt! if you're intrigued about estate sales now, keep  an eye out for a post i'm working on- the g&h guide to estate sale victory.