today's Finds to Fancy comes to us from my dear friend Katie. Katie is my go-to estate sale buddy in Seattle. we always have a great time together: she doesn't mind getting up super early; she has a good eye for treasures; and she doesn't tire out too quickly so we can hit every good sale listed! the thing i enjoy most about going to sales with Katie though is that she loves to ponder who the people were who owned the items we're purchasing. she has a true appreciation for the personal history that we're granted a peek into while we wander the home of a stranger and go through the things they owned. to me, that's the amazing thing about estate sales- i get to become a part of another's story when i give their things a new life with me or my customers. i love that Katie appreciates that too!

here's her find:

Katie writes:

'I try to tag along with Danae to estate sales whenever I get a free weekend. This particular weekend I received a text the night before saying “ there’s only one good sale tomorrow, but it’s a really good one!” and so I knew I had to be up and at ‘em whenever Danae was ready to jet! Oddly, at sales I gravitate toward textiles & plants (yes, you are able to buy plants at estate sales) & old photographs. When I saw the old View-Master box, and then opened it to discover the View-Master plus nine additional reels tucked inside, I figured, I must at least grab it and get the details from Danae at check out. The biggest surprise came when I started incorporating my new finds into my home. I flipped through some black & white photographs, letting the stories of those spotted in the pictures drift in my head. Next I took a seat on the couch, and pulled out the View Master, one by one going through the slides. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of the slides (slide #174 of Monument Valley & #226 Mesa Verde National Park) happened to be the destinations of a very special road trip I hope to take this upcoming summer! So I continued to let my mind wander. I wondered if perhaps some of the people in the b & w photographs may have taken a similar trip? Did their souls feel the very same calling that mine is? Regardless, the slides spoke to me, and I think they were saying ‘go for it, you won’t regret it’!'

thanks for sharing your find with us Katie!

have a find you fancy? i'd love to share it! send your submission to danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com. please keep email attachments to less than 1MB. 

happy hunting this weekend!