i am so excited to have our first curated life post to feature a collection that doesn't belong to me! allow me to introduce you to Heather, from Joy of All Crafts. i met Heather at Alt Summit and we discovered we have quite a bit in common- we both love vintage, we both live in the Pacific Northwest, and we're both crafty, although Heather is a far more talented crafter than i! (her crafty business cards created quite the buzz at Alt- check them out on papernstitch's business card inspiration post). Heather has a number of collections and she is so kind to share one of them with us today- her vintage pyrex!

Heather shared some of her thoughts about her collection with us too...

I've only recently started my collection of pyrex. I love how it reminds me of my childhood, I remember baking with my mom and loving how the mixing bowls were the perfect shape for mixing cookie dough. Since then, I've never had a mixing bowl that I liked quite as much! As my husband, Chris, and I started estate sale shopping about a year ago, I started finding pyrex. I bought a few pieces and loved using them! They are so durable and have already endured so much love that it's easy to give to them new life. I love the patterns and bright colors, and that it's easy to start collecting them. I still don't have the same set that my mom had, so I'm on the lookout for it. It's easy to buy pyrex online, but I really want to 'find' all of my pyrex in person. I'd love to have one piece of most of the patterns, and collect all of the special holiday patterns! For now, I'm really enjoying my small, but growing, collection!

all photos by Heather Joy

as someone whose pyrex collection is limited to a few patterns and colors, i love how Heather's collection includes such a great mix of patterns and colors and compliments her beautiful mid-century dining room furniture so nicely! and aren't her blue cabinet doors cute?

thanks so much Heather for giving us a peek into your home and sharing your great pyrex! if you want to know more about Heather, pop on over to her blog and explore all the crafty, vintage goodness she's sharing with the world there, or visit her etsy store!

do you have a collection you'd like to share? i would love to talk to you! email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com and we'll chat!