as i mentioned yesterday, i've been under the weather and stuck in bed for a bit now. last night as i was wracking my brain for curated life post ideas for today, i happened to glance at the mirror on my dresser and noticed this great hat i've had hanging off of it for a few months now- inspiration struck and today i'm sharing my vintage hat collection with you!

i think i started collecting hats around age 7. i would pick them up at the garage and estate sales my mom would take me to. unfortunately i've gone through several phases where i decide i don't want to keep collecting them so i'm on collection #3 now, and don't have any of those hats from when i was a kid.

despite missing those hats i found all those years ago, i feel like the current collection is pretty wonderful. from these colorful numbers above...

to a few classic black options...

to some extra fancy toppers, they are all lovely in their own way. oh, and if you're wondering- yes, i actually wear mine!

a Christmas card from a few years ago

heading out to some antique stores with my mom

one of our wedding portraits

at the Dear Darling opening with Melissa
how are you curating your life? i would love to share your collection with all the G&H readers! just email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com and we'll talk!