california girl

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happy thursday from Pasadena! the mister and i arrived last night and so far are enjoying this sunny city! if you follow gather and hunt on the various social media outlets, then you've probably seen some of these photos, but if not- here's a peek at our trip so far...

preparing for takeoff

love flights when you can watch the sun set

do we look excited?

a little late night snack at Tops- a great little burger joint that's been around since the 50's!

the first palm tree of the morning. palm trees make me feel like i'm a totally different land- they're so different from any trees i've ever lived around! 

before i dropped the mister off for the day we took a quick stroll around campus and snapped some shots (nice face i'm making in this one eh?)

love the desert vegetation we don't see up in the NW

the mister outside the library he will be spending loads of time at in the coming years

little outfit snap, complete with palm tree in the background! 
the mister has meetings on campus all day, so i'm playing it solo and checking out Pasadena. i'm currently sitting in Intelligentsia, enjoying a latte and the work space, but i'm heading out soon to check out the shops, scout out potential places for me to set up shop in the future, and gather some photos for today's curated life post (an unusual, but fun, one today) which i'll post later this afternoon!

hope your thursday is going great!