today i am missing my bestie, which is weird because i just saw her over the weekend and i'll see her again in a few weeks, but i'm missing her nonetheless. we've been living two and half hours away from each other for years and have gotten used to it by now, but there are certain days where you just need your best friend, you know? instead of moping about something i can't change, i decided to be grateful instead!

today i am grateful for melissa- my dearest friend.

somehow these are some of the best photos that exist of the two of us! seriously- someone needs to take a good pic of us!
there are about a million things i'm grateful for when it comes to Melissa. she's kind and funny and a good mom to her little girls. she's thoughtful, super creative, and really talented at all sorts of things like crafty-ness, sewing, decorating, and gardening. visit her blog and you'll see what i mean! and, like any good bestie, she gets me. when i need help picking an outfit, can't make a design decision, need to geek out about vintage goodness, or just need to talk about life- she's the perfect person for the job! another thing she gets about me is that gifts are my love language- i love giving them and i definitely enjoy getting them! Melissa is an outrageously good gift giver and is as into vintage as i am, so everything is always awesomely vintage. for today's photos i thought i'd share some of the lovely things that have come to live in our home via Melissa (and her husband Aaron of course)...

a valentine's gift- Melissa made it!

love this awesome deer paint by number- an anniversary gift

more deer (Dear Darling, our old business together had a deer logo in the early days)- Melissa made this cute deer silhouette piece for a Christmas gift a few years ago.

she always gives us the best vintage cards...

...this is one of my all time favorites- love the little chain for his leash! 

fun rooster mug that matches the colors of my pyrex collection

a christmas gift this year- napkins Melissa made from a vintage table cloth. they match our dishes perfectly!
another super awesome photo of us- unloading our trailer at farm chicks last year. even when we're working hard, we have fun! 
how about you? what (or who) do you have gratitude for this week?