this week's gratitude post is short and sweet (and late) because i had a longer than usual work day at one of my 'day jobs' (i really meant to get this posted this morning but ran out of time just after finishing up with the photos). the good news is- today will be one of my last days at this particular job, which means i'll have more time to focus on the site, the space at the vintage mall, and gathering goods for the farm chicks show booth! i suppose that could have been today's gratitude really- but i don't have any good photos for it. ;)

instead, today i'm grateful for this:

no, i'm not an archer or a bow hunter, i just love the way it looks (i'm sure my brother, the hunter, would be laughing at me if he was reading this)! it also has a bit of extra meaning for a few reasons...

one. the mister and i, along with some of our good friends from the church we met at, have little inside jokes regarding a fellow in the bible named Joash and 'dropping bows'- like i said, inside joke (that probably isn't funny to anyone but us)!

two. because of said inside joke, i think this is one of the first vintage pieces i've found that the mister was actually excited about (it's not that he's opposed, vintage just isn't his thing so he doesn't get excited). it was fun to bring it home from idaho knowing he would be happy i did.

three. i found this at the Funky Junk Show while Melissa and i were on our girl's weekend celebrating all our accomplishments with dear darling, and enjoying a few days together sans babies before her newest arrival made her debut. it was right around when i was working on launching Gather and Hunt and the bow and arrow imagery really jumped out at me as a potential logo. it would be nearly 4 months until that logo came to life thanks to my talented designer, but i think this bow, with it's arrows, will always remind me of the early, exciting, and slightly uncertain, days of Gather and Hunt.

i recently found some more colorful arrows to replace the hunting arrows that came with the bow (a little safer).
love the model name! 
aren't they neat? 
yes, that clamp light normally lives back there- i'm a fan of weird directional lighting! 

what do you have gratitude for this week? i love seeing what you all have to say, so please leave a comment!