i couldn't be more pleased to have another curated life submission that isn't one of my own collections! it really is my dream for many of the weekly features at Gather and Hunt to be a place to showcase you- dear readers- and the things you love, so it really delights me to have some submissions coming in!

today's collection is from my bestie, and fellow blogger, melissa, who i know you've heard a lot about lately! her collection of vintage blankets has kept yours truly nice 'n toasty in her lovely vintage home many times.

Melissa writes:

the first time a guest stayed at our house i realized i only had one blanket to offer them. since our house is very much on the chilly side i was a little embarrassed. from this my vintage blanket collection was born. i am a sucker for vintage quilts and fun patterns and now that we live in a house and have out of town guests i have a reason, and space, to store them. i also like to mix and match blankets, sheets, and pillow cases on our bed, so this collection is cute and practical. well, maybe not exactly practical because i have a lot of blankets now!

{all photos by Melissa. editing by moi.}
a great big thanks to Melissa for sharing one way she's curated her life! i'm still a bit jealous of that green stripe-y blanket!

how have you curated your own life? i would love to share your collection with the world! please email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com. i'm nice, i promise!

stay tuned tomorrow for an extra exciting finds to fancy for me- Melissa's coming to town and we're hitting the estate sales together! it's been forever since we've been able to do that and i am so excited! this friday's post will be the first ever, live-from-the-hunt finds to fancy, so stop on by and see what we find!