milk glass has been around since the 16th century and actually comes in a variety of colors, though white is the popular choice- i prefer it for it's simplicity and versatility. while many of you might recognize it as something your grandmother collected, i believe milk glass can look very current when styled well and can fit a wide variety of tastes.

milk glass has become a popular centerpiece vessel, like these great moss pieces from Christina at Flores del Sol. there's even a how-to over on Ruffled, so you can make them at home! 

i began my own collection about 9 years ago, and though i try to keep it in check (the mister isn't a fan of my collections getting too big!), i do manage to add a new piece every now and then. i've been keeping my collection limited to vases only, but milk glass comes in a variety of items from glasses to plates, lampshades, planters and pitchers.  

the big one in back was my first piece- i love the larger size! the one in front is my newest acquisition, found on a recent thrift outing with my bestie.

lately i've been enjoying the look of milk glass so much i'm considering taking inspiration from it and adding a new collection to our home- vintage Fire-King dishes in white. we currently have a set of Brushe by Bauer dishes in chartreuse/dark green/grey (that i scored for free at an estate sale!), but i've been craving a simpler palette on the table and love how well the white Fire-King coordinates with my vintage Pyrex.

two mugs and bowl my mom recently gave me

i love the shape of the handle on these mugs
if you're interested in starting your own milk glass collection i have good news- it's generally easy to find at thrift stores and is usually very affordable. if you can't wait long enough to gather a collection, there are many great Etsy stores that carry it, some, like Oak Hill Vintage, even offer sets that can serve as instant collections!

set of three milk glass vases from Oak Hill Vintage

next week, i hope to have a collection to share with you that isn't mine! as always, if you have a collection you'd like to share please email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.