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the mister and i are headed to southern California in a few days and i am really looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temps! it's not really a vacation, since we're visiting in order to check out the campus where Bill has been accepted into a PhD program and to get a sense of where we'd like to look for our new home down there (barring any major obstacles, it looks like we'll be moving to SoCal at the end of the summer!), i'm hoping we'll have at least an afternoon to do something fun and enjoy the sunshine!

vintage postcard available at Moodys Collectibles

now, i've only been to the Los Angeles area once, when i was in college, so most of my notions about it are based off of television, with a few of the blogs i've started following from folks who live down there mixed in. in fact, until about a month ago i was really not too keen on the idea of moving down there, but now i'm actually feeling excited for the change and have been scouring the internet for inspiration! if you're a native to the area, please don't laugh too much at my naivete, but these are a few of the things i've been dreamin' of since we started planning this adventure...

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possibly the thing i am most excited for- the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which happens in Pasadena, where we'll be living! unfortunately since we're not visiting on the 2nd weekend of the month i won't be able to check it out on this trip, so for now i'm living vicariously thorough other bloggers who have visited, including oh joy! who was so kind to let me use the lovely photo spread below, originally from one of her blog posts. 

{photos and layout via oh joy!}
doesn't Pasadena look lovely? then again, what doesn't look lovely on a vintage postcard?
{image via Pasadena Snob}

maybe i'll trade the truck in for a vintage woody! it'd be great for hauling home things i find on the hunt right?
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i'll probably never be a surfer, but these lovely ladies in their amazing swimsuits make me wish i was!
{photo via National Geographic}
Ginger Rogers makes beach life look so effortless!
{photo via A Certain Cinema}
now life in SoCal will certainly be a bit different from life here in Seattle (most of our beaches are rocky and freezing!), so there are a a few things on my California dreamin' shopping list...

{photo via and suit available at Best of Times Vintage}

{photo via and suit available at Guermantes Vintage}

{photo via and suit available at Little Stars Vintage}
{photo via and suit available at Created and Collected}
i'm normally a bit loathe to wear a bathing suit, but if i had one as cute as these i think i'd be a little more excited for days in the pool or at the beach!

{photo via and trunks available at ilonaanne}
{photo via and trunks available at Dingaling Vintage}
{photo via and trunks available at Jerry and Louise}

i don't think my mister would wear swim trunks like these in a million years, but i would be so pleased if he would!

{photo via and glasses available at Curious Crow Vintage}

{photo via and glasses available at I Found Vintage}

{photo via and glasses available at Retro Eyewear}

{photo via and glasses available at Vita Bread}

i certainly don't need another pair of sunglasses (i have a bit of an addiction), but if i did- i'd want all of these!

{photo via and bag available at A Little Modern}
{photo via and bag available at CZ Vintage}
{photo via and bag available at Pineapple Mint}
{photo via and bag available at Sorcery}
no beach trip is complete without a cute tote to carry everything you need right? and with these straw and plastic options you can just shake the sand right out!

now i'm even more excited for our trip! i'd probably better start packing! hopefully this cold/flu thing i've been battling will go ahead and die before we leave town- travelling when you're sick is the worst!

i hope your week is off to a great start! make sure to stop by throughout the week- Thursday and Friday i'll even be doing some special posts, direct from California!