today's the day! the bestie and i get to hit some estate sales together! it's been a very, very long time since we've done that and i am so excited!

since we'll be on the road all day (heading out to the first sale at 6:30am) i thought i'd try something a little different for this week's finds to fancy post- we're going live!

kind of love those early morning drives in the truck- it can be so beautiful out there! 

all day long i'll be snapping instagram shots of what we're gathering and you can follow along three different ways:

one. instagram. if you're an instagram user- follow me! my username is danaerolyn. if you don't have an iphone or aren't an instagram user, you can still follow via my instagrid.

two/three. twitter/facebook. i'll be sharing today's shots on both the gather and hunt facebook page and twitter account. if you don't already 'like' the g&h facebook page- i'd love for you to click that little button today! i've also been having a lot of fun interacting with readers over on twitter, so feel free to 'follow' me as well!

now if you don't really do the social media thing- no worries- i'll post all the photos here later!

okay, ready? let's head out on the hunt! see you on the road!

ha ha- a very flattering shot of me!
oh, and as always- i want to see your finds! email them to me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com so i can share them here on a future friday!

UPDATE: for those who weren't following along on Friday, here's the whole collection of instagram photos from our day out on the hunt...

this jeep was parked across the street from me while i waited for the first sale- i had to snap a photo

it was a very rainy friday

follow the signs

my trusty bean boots are great for rainy days waiting in lines

Effi, Melissa's littlest one, came along for the adventure- she was such a trooper! 

had to make a pit stop for coffee between sales (my cup sleeve is handmade by Laura Bucci)

some fun things Melissa found at the first sale

love this great trunk with awesome travel labels

royal typewriter, in a tweed case

i've driven by this old (non-functioning) gas station a hundred times, so i figured i should finally take a photo!

cool boxes

early 60's Vera Neumann tablecloth

we grabbed lunch at oddfellows before moving into the non-vintage phase of our shopping

milk glass vases

trio of lovely blue mason jars (the one in the front is an extra old one)

pretty design on these match boxes

instant pocket knife collection- that one in the back is humongous! 

i can never resist a tiny bottle