tried and true

today's tried and true product is actually what inspired the series in the first place! i was also pleased to see that in last week's comments, today's pick was mentioned by Brianne as her tried and true! so here we go...

it's Bon Ami powder cleanser. Bon Ami, which is french for 'good friend' has been around since 1886 and though they have updated the formula to make it even more eco-friendly than it already was, the original formula is still available as well. both products have a very small list of ingredients, and everything they contain is biodegradable. the original formula, which comes in a red can, contains only tallow and feldspar. the updated formula, which is vegan, comes in a yellow can (like mine), and is more widely available, contains five ingredients: limestone, feldspar, biodegradable cleaning agents, soda ash and baking soda. the cleaners contain no perfumes, dyes, or chemicals and is hypoallergenic. if that wasn't enough, a 14 oz (recycled and recyclable) can of the stuff costs less than two dollars!

many of you might remember Bon Ami from science classes- lab glass can be safely cleaned with original Bon Ami, but it works wonders on all kinds of things around the house too!  either formulas are fantastic on stainless steel, enamel coated cast iron, tile, chrome, and linoleum. the original formula is also especially effective for glass, and can transform vintage pyrex baking dishes that have baked on grease splatter built up over the years.

the packaging, though it hasn't remained exactly the same through the years, has a timelessness to it, and the little chick is the original. i found a great slideshow of the various ads Bon Ami has used over the years on their website, and grabbed a few images to share here.

love that they're using a man in this one!
{photo via Bon Ami}

ah, if only i looked this adorable while cleaning the kitchen!
{photo via Bon Ami}

amusing little play on words from the 80's
{photo via Bon Ami}

do you use Bon Ami? i'd love to know what you use it for!

as always, if you have your own tried and true product, i'd love to share it here! send me an email at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.