A Curated Life

{all photos by The Ravenna Girls}

today's curated life collection comes from Brianne, one of The Ravenna Girls...

about her collection, Brianne writes:

"About ten years ago, turquoise became my favorite color by far, and many a collection was born. All my friends and family know that I love anything turquoise and vintage, so they're often on the lookout for perfect finds, along with me. Since becoming a homeowner, I've amassed a beautiful collection on turquoise vessels for use around the house. From pitchers and carafes, to vases and glasses, and even sale and pepper shakers, I can mix and match a turquoise table top in mere minutes. My favorite item is the enamel Dansk pitcher that I found at an estate consignment shop in Connecticut. I also very much treasure the pair of Vernonware Anytime salt and pepper shakers that were given to me by my grandmother while she was still alive. As you can see, I love love turquoise and incorporate one of these pieces into almost every table setting to me smiling".

thanks so much for sharing your turquoise collection with us Brianne! there are so many fun pieces in there! i think i like the glass carafe/decanter the best.

do you have a collection you'd be willing to share with us? i'd love to talk to you! just email me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.