finds to fancy

yesterday i spotted this sad looking blue case at an estate sale...

ever the optimist, i set my bag of other goodies down and opened the case up. expecting to find an ugly, broken typewriter inside (like most of the typewriters i find out here), i was completely floored to find this inside instead...

amazing! such a lovely color and it even had it's manual and the dust cover in addition to the case! i've never found one with it's dust cover intact!

i love it so much i want to keep it! i think i should probably let it go live with someone else though- i already have a cute grey one, and with a move coming up, this is no time to start another collection!

what have you found this week? i'd love if you'd share! as always, just email your finds to me at danae{at}gatherandhuntvintage{dot}com.

today i'm out on the hunt with the bestie over in her home base- Yakima, Washington. i'm excited to see what we find! if you want to keep tabs on what we're gathering, follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (my username is danaerolyn) or Instagrid for those without 'smart' phones.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend and happy hunting!