happy wednesday everyone! it's an extra happy day for me because the migraine i've been battling for the last two days has finally lifted so i can start getting caught up on life!

my first task of the day is washing a whole lot of dishes, and while i'm full of gratitude for just about everything today (spending days on end wishing you could remove your own head can put a lot into perspective), whenever i have to wash dishes i'm grateful for this view...

this horse hangs above our sink, and it always makes me smile. i think it was the front of some sort of ticket machine, possibly from a race track or circus. i found it in someone's back yard that was having a really weird (and super awesome) junk sale. my friend Abbi and i found a huge pile of good stuff at that sale, but this is probably my favorite piece. it was in rough shape when i found it, but with a little elbow grease and my husbands help removing a bunch of rusty, broken mechanical bits from the back so we could hang it, it looks pretty awesome now!

i love this piece because it brings some fun to a task that's necessary but boring, it's super unusual, and it reminds me of a lovely friend who i don't see very often these days.

what are you grateful for today?