yesterday i finally managed to make it to the UW Surplus store on the one day a week they let the general public in! i didn't score as big as i was hoping to, mainly because i haven't been in a while and was not aware that people are now lining up an hour before they open, so a lot of folks beat me to things, but i did find some cool things like a whole box of bulldog clips! 

bulldog clips are one of my favorite utilitarian things and i always nab the old ones i find at estate sales. they're super useful in a variety of ways and i like their industrial style. they come in a range of sizes, and sometimes even with magnets attached so you can use them on the fridge or filing cabinet. 

one of my favorite ways to use them is for hanging art. framing things can be a bit spendy and since none of the art we have right now is super precious, i just use the clips to hang it all up! this method also offers the option to eventually frame things, since the clips don't damage the pieces. 

even when i use other methods to hang things, the small bulldog clips work nicely as a weight to help keep posters from curling.

the clips also work well on inspiration boards, again when you don't want to damage the item you're hanging up. i have several screen prints i keep above my desk that i would like to frame someday, so for now they hang out on my inspiration area (aka the back of my mister's desk).

it may be a small, silly thing, but gratitude is not just for the big things right? finding little things to be thankful for in everyday life is important too and that box of clips brought a little extra gratitude to my week. (oh, and don't worry, i'm not keeping the whole box to myself! you'll find some in my booth at the farm chicks show).

what do you have gratitude for this week?