after a few lovely, sunny days here in Seattle, it's back to being cold and rainy. weather like this makes me feel like making a cup of tea, putting a record on, and curling up under a soft blanket. ah, if only there wasn't so much work to be done! but hey, i can still put a record on while i work, which is why today i'm grateful for...

this cute little record player is one of my favorite things, especially because it reminds me a wonderful friend who now lives very far away. 

my friend Alison and i found this little charmer at the Fremont Sunday Market several years ago and she loved it and purchased it. i was a tiny bit jealous- i mean, it's so awesome how could i not be? 

then, about a year ago, Alison decided to downsize in preparation for an overseas move and asked me if i would like to have the record player. at first i thought it only played 45's which i have none of anymore, so i told her i would sell it for her and give her the money.

however, while i was cleaning it up, i realized it would also play LP's! i talked with the mister to make sure he was on board with me trading this in for the d.j. style turn table he had given me for my birthday a few years ago (i hated to make him feel like i didn't like his gift, but this record player was just so amazing!), he agreed, and we set this one up in it's new home! (not to worry, my fancy record player went to a good home with another friend). 

i just love all the fun little details- the cute cowboy and cowgirl graphics, the amazing colors, even the smokey the bear sticker left on the front of the cover by it's original owner. oh, and best of all? 

it lights up and flashes in time with the music that's playing! how cool is that? 

i also happen to think it looks pretty cool over in the corner with Johnny! if you'd like to have a similar one, i've seen several cute ones on Etsy, including this amazing rainbow one:

{photo and rainbow record player via ani. and. Rose Vintage}
what do you have gratitude for this week? leave a comment and let me know- i always love hearing from you!