this and that

i'm a little dumbstruck that it's tuesday- i feel like it was just thursday! maybe i had too much fun this weekend, or maybe it's just that it was such a very busy weekend, but it really flew by!

here's a bit of what i've been up to (well, the instagram version at least)...

stopped by Twede's Cafe, aka the Double R Diner (of Twin Peaks fame), on the rainy side of the pass
dry road at last
Yakima, here i come
i always plan to get a photo of this sign, but never have until this trip
the lee's have chicks! 
melissa and i headed out to Selah for an estate sale- pretty!
a little stop for refreshments between sales and thrifting 
melissa kind of looked like a super hero!
a cape buffalo
i found these unusual frogs- one for me and one for the shop!
another photo i've always meant to capture- i love this old fruit stand building. isn't it amazing? the colors!
found these mugs on my way home- perfect sentiments for a day with the bestie
at a rest stop outside Yakima
see you later Yakima!
sunset on the Cascades
always happy to be home after driving the pass at night (my least favorite drive)
lots of good finds
Yakima=Fiesta Foods run=mexican for dinner the day after!
refreshing margaritas on a sunny saturday!
carne asada tacos!
this weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the Century 21 Expo (aka the World's Fair) in Seattle. that means the Space Needle is 50 years old! they've even got it all decked out in the original colors currently!
some close ups of the goods
fun cameras!
cute thermoses, awesome flashlights, and more
last but not least, i finally found enough affordable milk glass dishes (mostly Fire King), to swap out our green Brusche dishes for the milk glass! i'm still looking for some more dinner and salad plates, and a few more larger bowls, but other than that- we've got a whole (mismatched) 'set'! so excited!
sunday was filled with church, lunch with a friend, running errands, and making dinner for and visiting with our friends who just had their second baby. he's a little cutie- as babies tend to be!   
whew! no wonder i was so tired this morning! what have you been up to?