this and that

hello everyone! how was your weekend? i apologize for my extended absence last week- things are getting busy around here and i had to choose something to neglect. no promises that it won't happen again, especially with all the prep for Farm Chicks ahead of me in May, but i'll try my best to keep up here! 

here's a little instagram'd peek at what's been keeping me so busy...


thursday was filled with about 8 hours of estate sales, thrift stores, earthwise (a salvaged home materials store), a quick stop at an antique mall, and one of my favorite annual rummage sales! i arrived home with a very full vehicle but very tired muscles. 


friday i hit the sales (with a quick pit stop for top pot doughnuts), this time with my mama! i found a ton of great goods (some of which is still in the car), including some of my first major furniture inventory- those great mid-century side tables and the huge ottoman! after all the sales we prepped stuff for the Fremont Vintage Mall space and headed over there to re-stock. happily, i timed my visit just right so i could give a goodbye hug to one of the awesome gals on the mall staff who is moving away today. by the end of day, i was exhausted and ready for sleep! 


saturday was a day off from vintage for me- so we could volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity job site! we had a great time doing some demo work in order to get the home back up to code, as well as ripping out some really terrible flooring in order to expose the beautiful hardwoods underneath. it was a lot of hard work, but we really had a great time with our friends who volunteered with us, and we enjoyed meeting the rest of the work crew, including the future home owner. we arrived home completely wiped out (and in a crazy amount of pain in my case), but luckily i had enough energy to check the mail, since there were not one, but two packages in there for me! my black and natural bakers twine from Knot & Bow (one of my favorite Etsy stores) arrived and so did an adorable vintage dress from Bamboo Bettie (another Etsy store) that i'm planning to wear at Farm Chicks! a long and tiring day, but filled with wonderful moments. 


sunday i awoke barely able to move. i'm not kidding- my mister had to help me roll over in bed because my muscles were so weak and sore i couldn't do it on my own. we were scheduled to sing (me) and drum (the mister) in the band at church, so we had to get up and get ready, but believe me- if i could have stayed in bed, i would have. i couldn't even put my own shoes on i was so tired and sore- it was almost comical! after church and grabbing some quick lunch, we headed home and i spent nearly the entire day in the setting pictured- on the couch, under a soft blanket, trying not to move. some much needed recovery after three days packed full of activity and heavy lifting! 

what did you do this weekend? whatever it was, i hope it was great!