tried and true

tried and true is back after a short break, and this week we're getting to know a heritage brand that is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year!

to celebrate 100 years, photographer Randall Ford is recreating vintage LL Bean catalog covers all year long!
{photo by Randall Ford, via LL Bean}
the spring catalog cover- love the expression on the mom's face!
{photo by Randall Ford, via LL Bean}
launched in 1912, LL Bean was started by Leon Leonwood Bean with the 'Maine Hunting Shoe', a boot that is still sold by the company today. throughout the company's 100 year history, they have added hundreds of thousands of products that are durable, affordable (especially for the durability), and classically styled, in most cases. 

{vintage maine hunting shoes and photo via The Vintagerie}
for those who may think 'lumberjack' when you hear LL Bean, you may be surprised to see what they offer. recently they even added a new premium line- LL Bean Signature- and the clothes and accessories coming out under the Signature line are wonderfully stylish while remaining durable and classic. 

{poplin dress and photo via LL Bean}

{whip cord suit and photo via LL Bean}

{canvas & leather hobo bag and photo via LL Bean}

{canvas work jacket and photo via LL Bean}
personally, i love the footwear LL Bean makes- i own both a pair of 'Bean Boots' and the 'Wicked Good Slippers'... 

my boots are now almost five years old and still look brand new. they're perfect for Seattle- since it rarely snows enough to require full snow boots, the bootie style i chose is great year round and the durable leather and rubber construction holds up nicely in the rain and mud. they're my go to estate sale shoe since you never know what you're going to encounter out there!

the slippers, a sheepskin moccasin completely lined in shearling, are like clouds for your feet. shearling, a naturally wicking material, keeps moisture away from your feet so they're comfortable on cold and warm days alike. the rubber soles keep me from slipping around our hardwood floors, and are even sturdy enough to run the trash out to the alley in!

an early LL Bean tag
{photo via The William Brown Project}
have you tried LL Bean? i'd love to know what you think! and don't forget- if you have a tried and true product or brand, i'd love to feature it here- email me and we'll set something up!

if you're interested in learning more about LL Bean's history, be sure to visit their blog, where they're celebrating 100 years of LL Bean all year long!