apologies (and new arrivals)

good morning! first off, my apologies for skipping a wednesday gratitude post this week. those are one of my favorites to write, but i just didn't have any time yesterday!

i'd love to say i'm one of those really organized bloggers who has a whole arsenal of posts saved up to use in busy times, but i'm not (yet). so, to be honest, i will probably be skipping blogging most days in the coming week and a half. with the Farm Chicks Show a little over a week away, it's crunch time around here and most of my waking hours are filled with prepping all the fun goods i've been saving up over the last year. i'll try to at least post some photos every day and i'll be on instagram, facebook, and twitter- so you can keep up on my progress. hopefully i'll fit a few posts in as well, but no promises.

for today- i have a few new arrivals at the space in the Fremont Vintage Mall to share with you...

thanks for your patience in the coming days! i look forward to getting back on a normal schedule in June and sharing a few posts about Farm Chicks too!