a curated life

today's collection is one that was mine, but is now looking for a new curator.

i found most of this set of Brusche 'Contempo' dishes at one of the most memorable estate sales i've ever been to. my pal Abbi and i arrived at a sale that looked less than promising: it was in 'no sidewalk land' (which if you ever read Yard Sale Bloodbath, you know is never a good sign); it was a newer home in a new sub-development; and there was hardly anyone there. we decided to check it out anyway and at first weren't finding much. then we noticed a big pile of trash bags and boxes and asked if any of the stuff in those was for sale. the woman replied- 'oh, that's Goodwill pile. if find anything you want you can just have it'. seriously? well, we accepted her challenge and started digging through this mountain of stuff. sure enough, this is where all the good stuff was! vintage clothes, dishes, an entire set of china, linen, and more. we tried to get her to take money from us, but she wouldn't accept much. we even told her that the stuff she was giving away is what she should be selling (i don't think she believed us). it was by far the biggest haul we had ever scored, for the smallest price tag.

these dishes were in one of those boxes and they caught my eye. i didn't recognize the marking on them, but they were fun colors (there used to be a few more grey pieces, and there were also some burgundy colored ones that i foolishly left behind because i didn't like the color), and i liked the clean and simple style. i took them home, researched the mark and discovered that Brusche was a sister line/offshoot of Bauer, made by one of the potters there, that had a limited production run so they're actually a bit rare. what a find! i decided to replace the new Fiesta Ware we had with this fun set. over the last 4 years i've added a few plates, the cups, and the soup bowls, as well as some plates that aren't Brusche, but complement the set.

while i still enjoy these dishes, lately i've been wishing i wasn't so limited by their palette, which is why i decided to move on to white milk glass- more flexibility. since we'll be moving soon, and will be living in rentals for a while to come, it doesn't work to have more than one set of dishes, so these get to find a new home! they're currently in the Gather and Hunt space at the Fremont Vintage Mall, so if you're in Seattle and like them, feel free to go check them out! i kept the price low, since i received such a nice deal on them!

don't forget- i really prefer to share your collections here, so email me your photos and a bit about your collection and you can have your very own curated life post!