a curated life

today i had this great plan to feature one of my mama's collections (you know, since it's Mother's Day week and all). unfortunately, i didn't plan the photo taking far enough ahead of time and my mama isn't feeling well today, so we had to cancel the shoot. that leaves us with one of my collections instead...

this vintage scissor collection is kind of an accidental collection. i started buying them at estate sales because they're always low priced and i love the look of them. i intended to sell them once i had enough to create a good display, but i've yet to be able to part with them. 

i'm contemplating displaying them all on a big old board or something- wouldn't that look cool? i may also bring them to The Farm Chicks Show this year and let them go live with someone else. it's a tough choice! 

do you have an 'accidental' collection? i'd love to hear about it! leave a comment or send me a message. 

happy Thursday!