with Mother's Day just around the corner, what else could i be grateful for today other than, my own mother?

that's her there- circa 1985. isn't she pretty? i love her outfit in this photo too- pretty sure that was a pink skirt with an awesome blazer that had pastel vertical stripes.

my mom is an amazing lady. after my parents divorced when i was 7, she basically raised me largely by herself. she worked several jobs, but things were tight, so we would hit the estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores frequently. my mom taught me how to spot a valuable antique in a pile of junk, and how to bargain for a better price. by the time i was 12 we would divide and conquer at estate sales- splitting up and searching for all the good stuff. i loved those Saturday mornings spent driving around town, newspaper in hand, looking for good sales, digging through boxes, and discovering new treasures!

i think kids who grow up around antiques, vintage, and thrifted items either grow to love it or hate it. i love it (obviously), and i owe much of that to my mama. she taught me the value of things with a history all their own, and that saving useful or beautiful items from being discarded is more rewarding than buying something brand new.

i am the person i am today thanks to my mom and i hope i can do her proud when i become a mom myself in the future!

what about your mom (or other mother figure) are you grateful for? how did she influence you? i'd love to hear- just leave a comment below!