weekend update (and new arrivals)

happy Memorial Day friends! i thought i'd check in with some of the weekend happenings around here...

90% done with cleaning, tagging, and packing the Farm Chicks Show inventory!
a new hair color. i'm going back to my natural, dark blonde color. it'll be a bit of process, but it's off to a good start.
deciding on shoes for Farm Chicks (via text messages with the bestie)

we went to a 2 year old's birthday party yesterday- so fun. all the little ones there were so cute playing together outside!

i also had an exceptionally good day at the thrift on friday so there are some great new arrivals at the Fremont Vintage Mall space...

fundue anyone?
love love love. almost kept this one it's so good.
these were handed out at Boeing's family day in 1972. they're the material that had to be punched out to put the windows in the plane, turned into souvenir trays. cool!
an Ingrid picnic ball, just in time for Memorial Day picnics! 
this microscope projects the image onto the wall as you look at the slides!
what have you been up to? i hope you're enjoying this monday, even if you don't have the day off!