this and that

hi everyone! how is it half way through wednesday already? this week is just flying by me, and i realized i haven't posted anything here in a few days!

no gratitude post today (not that i don't have plenty to be grateful for), but i will update you all on a few things going on around here...

the new tote bags are now available for purchase online! just click on the 'g&h goods' tab at the top of the page. the bags are super sturdy, 100% cotton canvas and are a great size for groceries or for carrying at the flea market! $10 each. the totes will also be available at the space at the fremont vintage mall, so if you're in seattle you can pick one up there and save on shipping!

have you noticed the little badge in the sidebar? something exciting (even more exciting than usual) is happening at Urban Craft Uprising this summer- a new section of the show just for vintage! we'll be setting up the gather and hunt booth there and have lots of great goods saved up just for this show.

Urban Craft Uprising is an amazing show with lots of great handmade, and now vintage, goods from tons of talented vendors. if you're in or near Seattle, i hope you'll come join us for this fun event!

{photo via Card Cow}

i'm hitting the road and heading to my hometown, Laramie, Wyoming! that postcard up there is downtown Laramie in the 70's and the hotel on the right (which is now an apartment building), is where my very first solo apartment was. i think about that apartment often- it was such a great place and cost me about 1/4 of what our smaller apartment in Seattle costs (or would if i didn't manage the building and get some rent credit).

so, i'm heading out of Seattle tomorrow and though i won't necessarily be posting on a schedule while i'm traveling, i will try to post some updates and i'm super excited to say that we'll have some guest posts as well while i'm gone. i think you'll love them!

as always, i'll definitely be posting lots of photos to Instagram, so find me there (@gatherandhunt) and follow along on the trip!

i hope you all are having a great week so far! i'll see ya on the road!