vintage fabrics with a special guest

hi everyone! i'm about to hit the road once more and make my way back to Seattle from Wyoming but before i go,  i am so excited to have my friend Heather with us today! i know you'll love her post, and her blog. take it away Heather...

Hello! My name is Heather and I run a craft blog called Joy of all Crafts. Also, my husband and I share a business called Remnant where we sell vintage goods, mainly Mid-Century pieces, and we also specialize in handmade reclaimed furniture. I love what we do and couldn't be more thrilled to be guest posting on Gather and Hunt while Danae is on vacation. 

One of my favorite pieces to find is vintage fabric. I love reusing it to reupholster chairs and ottomans, and I've also recently been inspired to use vintage fabric as a jumping off point for designing a quilt. One of my main passions is modern quilting and what better place to be inspired than from 1950s fabric?! A friend of mine recently let me borrow some of her 1950s fabric books. I was blown away by the geometric prints and the abstract patterns.  Here are my favorites that I'm currently being drawn to:

Which are your favorites?