a curated life (non-vintage edition)

today's curated life post is a little different than usual- today i'd like to share a little collection i gathered over last weekend, only it's not vintage- it's handmade!

while vending at Urban Craft Uprising, i met a bunch of cool vendors who were new to the show. one of my favorites was Oh Little Rabbit, or rather, the talent behind Oh Little Rabbit, Jason and Cara. i was immediately drawn to their booth, both because of the great way they designed it, as well as the hand drawn illustrations printed in bright colors on all their goods.

i've been needing to toss a few of our worn out dish towels anyway, (plus i'm a sucker for a good dish towel, especially if it's flour sack material) so it was a no brainer to pick up a few from Oh Little Rabbit. choosing the design was the hard part- they have so many good ones! initially the mister picked out two (the peanut and the octopus) and i picked out one, then we ro-sham-bo'd for the last one. i ended up grabbing a few more before we left as well.

aren't their designs so fun? that re-usable snack bag? it makes me smile every time i look at it! the are great- nice, soft flour sack material- just how i like them. even better- everything at Oh Little Rabbit is eco-friendly and printed by hand.  

i hope you'll stop by Oh Little Rabbit and see all the fun things they have to offer- i think you'll find something you'll love too!