finds to fancy

it's set-up day for the Urban Craft Uprising show and my TeuxDeux list is growing by the minute. i'm so excited to do a show in Seattle- and so glad it all came together before we move away. i've got lots of wonderful goods loaded into the trailer right now, just waiting for you to come take them home!

before i head out to finish up last minute errands i wanted to share a few finds i fancy lately.

i have a thing for unusual lighting. i hate overhead lights and would probably fill our house with odd industrial lamps if the mister didn't help me keep it in check. (sometime i'll have to do a curated life post about our unusual lighting collection).

 from my collection

recently i found a few little lighting gems at estate sales.

this former incubator lamp needed a little re-wiring (it looked okay, but when i plugged it in the cloth cord caught on fire!), so i took it to Harold's Lighting, a Seattle area lighting store and restoration shop. they always do a great job and were even able to replace the cloth cord with an almost identical one. it works perfectly now!

i found this wire cage shade at an estate sale a few months back but it didn't have a socket cord to go with it. i did some searching and found DW Vintage, a Brooklyn based Etsy shop that makes vintage style socket cords at a reasonable price. the cord is well made and with a little ingenuity and one more trip to Harold's, it's all ready to be hung in someone's home.

these are both headed to the booth at Urban Craft Uprising, so if you're interested in them and live in Seattle, stop by and check them out!

i'm off to take care of a few things before this afternoon's big set up. i'll be back this evening with a little post all about the show!