happy independence day! i know some of my readers are not in or from the US, but i hope everyone has a happy wednesday at least. many of my mister's non-US born coworkers refer to the 4th as 'blow stuff up day', which makes me laugh.

{image via Vintage Antique Classics}
i don't have much of a post for you today, other than to say that today i am grateful for time to spend with friends and family. the mister, my dear friend Katie, and i are going mini-golfing today- one of my favorite activities! later we'll have a little BBQ picnic with my mom as well, then watch the wonderful fireworks they light off over Lake Union. 

what are you up to today? whatever you do, i hope it's wonderful! if you're watching fireworks and would like to capture good photos of them, head over to Nicole's Classes today- she's sharing some really helpful tips on how to get the best images of fireworks!