this may be the latest i have ever posted- today went by so fast i can scarcely believe it's already over. do you ever feel like life is just racing from one event to the next? i've been feeling that way lately. i hear myself say 'i'll get to that as soon as (event of the week or month) is over', but i rarely actually do get to it. with this move looming ever nearer, i've realized it's time to start getting to all of the tasks that have been placed on the back burner.

today i'm grateful for time to start tackling those tasks. my big project today and tomorrow? getting the state of our apartment back under control. between Farm chicks, going out of town shortly after, a holiday and then Urban Craft Uprising, it is a disaster around here...

eek! i almost can't believe i even showed you this. this is what Melissa would call an 'honesty hour'. i'm making progress though- today i got the living room back into shape and tonight i am tackling the bedroom. consider this a 'before' post- by this time tomorrow i hope to have everything back into it's proper place.

i'm especially eager to get things tidied up so that i can shoot our home tour before we have to start packing everything up! can you believe we have lived in this place over a year and i have yet to really share pics of it here?

so yes, today i am grateful for time. time to tidy, scrub, organize, plan and blog.

what do you have gratitude for this week?