the last few months have been busy. really busy. sometimes in these busy seasons it's hard for me to find inspiration- either because i don't have time to look for it, or i'm too preoccupied to notice. over the past couple of days i've reconnected with inspiration, so today i am grateful for inspiration. 

here a few things that have been inspiring me lately...

pretty magazines. neither House Beautiful or Marie Claire Maison are ones i would usually buy, but they are both filled with beautifully styled interiors in these issues, that have me excited for the coming opportunity to style our new home (where ever it may be).

{photo via Yahoo Movies}
{poster by Laura Perm-Jardin via Apartment Therapy}
{still via Yahoo Movies}
{still via Yahoo Movies}
{interactive character poster via Movie Talk}

moonrise kingdom. have you seen this yet? oh my goodness. it's pure delight. as usual, Wes Anderson has created a film that is an enchanting visual treat. it also happens to be great timing for me because we've been planning 'camp birthday'- my birthday party- for this upcoming weekend. we've got camp style arts and crafts planned as well as a big bonfire complete with s'mores. i found all sorts of inspiration to add to my party planning boards in this movie.  if you haven't seen it- do it. you won't regret it.

{photo via The Farm Chicks}

great people. my friend (and fellow birthday girl) Serena, from The Farm Chicks, had a great post featured on BlogHer yesterday that's all about filling your 'circle' with great people (and being one yourself). such wisdom there- as i continue to build my own circles and gear up for building some brand new ones in California, i hope her advice will seep into my core and help me to both be part of, and build, circles filled with great people. i hope you'll take a minute to read Serena's post too.

what do you have gratitude for this week? i'd love to know- i think there's inspiration in that too!