finds to fancy

as many of you know by now, we are moving to southern California in 30 days or so (can't believe it's that few days already). of course, that means it's time to find an apartment. today, in the midst of hunting, i took a few minutes to just search using key words that sum up my dream apartment- 'vintage hardwood yard'. i took the price limit off and just let myself dream for a moment. this is what i found.

yes please. this one is just stunning, and perfect. hardwoods, big kitchen, private back yard, 2 bedrooms, and a fireplace, it's even in Pasadena, which is where we are hoping to find a place so the mister can be close to campus. dream. apartment. i fancy it very much. the price tag, well that's a little too fancy for our budget. 

not to limit myself to just one dream apartment, i clicked on a few more and found another one...

not as stunning as the first, and much smaller, but still oh so charming. love the tile in the bathroom and the un-painted wood trim. it even come with a 'bonus' space off the backyard to use as a studio or storage and has fruit trees and tomato plants growing in the yard. unfortunately, the price tag is still a bit too rich for us. 

for now i'll have to settle for just fancying these finds. but hopefully soon we'll find something we can actually call home. if you see anything out there- let me know. 

happy friday everyone! hope you have a great weekend!