finds to fancy

i have to sigh a bit at myself- i keep planning to get back on a regular schedule with blogging, but i never seem to make it happen. this week i started a new, temporary, job and that's made things even worse- i'm definitely out of practice with getting up before 5AM and then working on my feet for full 8 hour days so it's been a rough week (like get-home-and-feel-like-i-can't-move rough). i even tried to use my lunch break to get this post up, but didn't finish it in time and was under the weather last night so i'm sharing this post on a Saturday. okay, enough about that- onto the finds! 

last weekend i attended my first California estate sale. i wasn't sure what to expect, especially since i didn't make the effort to get up early and get on a list. i was pleasantly surprised, upon arriving about 20 minutes after the sale had started, to not have to wait in line to get in. i was delighted to find that the items i was hoping to score, which i had seen in the listing photos, were still there waiting for me! it wasn't a big sale so i didn't get much, but the prices weren't too high and i definitely found some things i fancy so overall i'd say it was a great way to kick off estate sale-ing in my new locale! 

we'll start with the things i'm keeping for myself...

another rubber office stamp to add to the stamp carousel i picked up from Oh Hello Friend at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. 

the cutest hide-a-key box i've ever seen!

and finally- a milk glass cake stand. i've been looking for one just like this for awhile now, but the ones i've found before were either too damaged or too expensive. this one is perfect and i'm so excited to add it to my collection!

now for the things i'll be adding to the g&h inventory (read on to the end to hear some exciting news about the first ever California g&h event)...

if you like what you see, and live in the LA area, i'm happy to announce that you'll be able to purchase g&h goods next weekend at the Oh Hello Friend Holiday Vintage Sale! admission is free, but we'd love to know how many to expect so just click on the link above for all the details and to RSVP. i'll have some more details up next week and Danni will share a post about the sale as well on the Oh Hello Friend blog so check back with both blogs next week! i'm looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing g&h with my new state. oh, and if you know anyone in the LA area who likes vintage i'd be grateful if you'd help spread the word!

happy weekend everyone! i'm off to sort through some Christmas boxes for a few things to add to the sale. i hope you enjoy the day, whatever you may be doing.