wrapping up the week

i know it'll come as a shock- but once again i have not posted in far too long! i'm actually considering taking a bit of a hiatus until February, and giving myself the mental space to finish settling in to our home in Cali, as well as consider some changes i want to make to the gather and hunt site. i haven't decided for certain yet, but i'll let you know when i do.

until then, i thought i'd share a bit from this past week...

it's beginning to look pretty festive around here! we got our tree on Sunday, i put the lights on Monday, and Tuesday we had a little tree trimming party- just the two of us. i really like how it turned out (though we need to make a bit more popcorn chain to finish it up). i love looking at each ornament and reflecting on where i found it, or what occasion it marks (we have a tradition of buying an ornament each time we visit a new place). 

our newest addition- to commemorate our first little 'house'. (available from Anthropologie)  
from last year's visit to San Francisco (which was our third time there together, but we didn't buy an ornament the second time and the first time we weren't even dating yet).  
not from one of our trips, but one of my favorites. it's a clip-on that i found at an estate sale. 

i finally had a decent 'pop-in' (as Jenny from Freckle Wonder would say) at one of the thrifts close to home. i've been seriously bummed out by the awfulness of the thrift stores here, but the one i hit up on Wednesday evening was a tiny bit better. i actually found more than one thing!

i've been crafting a ton. i think working with the visual crew at Anthropologie the last month or so has sparked some new energy for me when it comes to creating. i hope to finish this wreath over the weekend and i might even do a little diy post once it's complete!

today i had a little coffee outing with my new friend Becca. we met up in the Silver Lake neighborhood, had the best little coffees and treats (did you see my Instagram of those donuts? amazing!), and visited a few shops nearby, including Lawson Fenning- an amazing shop full of beautiful (and reasonably priced) things, both new and vintage. i kind of wanted to buy just about everything they had- so well curated. if you're in LA and haven't been to one of their locations- do yourself a favor and visit- i think you'll be glad you did.

for one final peek into the week that was- i've been viewing some movies while i work at home, and one that i must tell you about is Hugo. it came out last Thanksgiving (the mister and i saw it in the theatre while killing time due to a super delayed flight on that trip to San Fran actually), so it's not new, but it is a lovely film. have you seen it? directed by Martin Scorsese, it's set in 1930's Paris and centers on an orphan who lives in the clockwork of a train station (i won't say too much else so as to not spoil it). the cast is amazing (Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jude Law) and the cinematography and set/costume designs are just stunning. if you haven't seen it- i highly recommend it. it's even available from Netflix's Watch Instantly service if you subscribe to that. i think you'll love it (and it's even family friendly)!

now it's off to the weekend! what are you up to? i think we might check out Unique LA tomorrow- if you're in the LA area you should stop by! and for all of you in my beloved Seattle, don't forget it's Urban Craft Uprising this weekend! it's definitely the season for craft shows- my favorite way to find amazing gifts and support small businesses and local artists. is there a craft show in your area this season? post a link to it in the comments, along with your city and maybe we can get a mini guide to craft shows going.

have a wonderful weekend!