home for Christmas- a holiday tour

for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that this post has been a long time coming. only a few short weeks ago our home was still only halfway put together- i still hadn't decided where to put art, many of the shelves were just crammed with things that i hadn't decided how to arrange yet, and i wasn't even sure i liked the placement of the furniture. thankfully the mister invited some of his school mates over to celebrate the end of the quarter and that lit a fire under me to get things put into order. with the basics done, i layered in the Christmas decor and it was finally time to take some photos. unfortunately the weather decided to be very Seattle-like and it was too cloudy to take photos for days. yesterday, we finally got a completely sunny day and i was able to get all the photographs taken.

i'm not going to say much about the photos today, but i'll be back tomorrow with a link to the tutorials i referenced for some of the projects, as well as some tips for last minute decorating in your home.

each of our stockings are handmade and our parent's were kind enough to let us take them. Bill's stocking is an amazing crewel piece that his Grandma made- isn't it wonderful?

our kitchen is one of the least finished rooms in the house- i'm still deciding on where to put art, and there are some ugly pipes from the previous tenants washing machine that i need to create a screen to hide. however, i spend a ton of time in the kitchen and it has a lot of charm on it's own so i wanted to bring a bit of the holidays in there too.

another room that i always like to bring a little Christmas cheer to is the bathroom. i admit in my younger days i even had a shower curtain, bathmat and towels that were just for Christmas- crazy, i know. i didn't go crazy with the Christmas decor, but just added a few little touches.

our nativity was a gift from the mister our first Christmas together. it's a vintage Fontanini and Bill tries to find a new piece for us each Christmas. we weren't sure where to put it this year, and though there isn't enough room for the three wise men on their camels, the little phone nook in the hallway seemed like a nice little home for it. we put Jesus in there for the picture, but we usually stash him until Christmas eve as a reminder that this is a season of waiting for His arrival. (side note- i really tried to find a nativity i liked that had a Mary and Joseph that weren't Caucasian, but all of the vintage ones seem to be from Italy or other countries where a blond Mary is the standard. if anyone sees a vintage set with culturally accurate characters, i'd love to hear about it). 

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home! i'll see you here tomorrow for some tips and tutorials.