A Curated Life

Sometimes, when I'm in need of inspiration, I look to those who have interests or styles that are similar to mine, but more so. A project that's over the top by comparison to how I would do it. Something on a scale I couldn't currently accomplish.

This week I've been looking to Hollister and Porter Hovey for that kind of inspiration. You've probably seen their home, or their work, before. They've been featured in The New York Times, on Design Sponge, and even created a line of super amazing wall paper for Anthropologie. Hollister has a popular lifestyle blog, and the sisters started their company, Hovey Design, together. They collect all manner of beautiful curiosities, and have a major talent for styling their collections in dramatic ways. They're master curators.

{R: Via  L: Via}
What's inspiring you lately? What will you do with that inspiration? I think it's time to re-style the cubby-shelf thing in our living room that we also use as our 'entertainment center'. I'm hoping some of the inspiration I've been gathering this week will prove useful to me with that.