A Curated Life

The collection I'm sharing today is one that I don't think anyone has seen before- not even the mister (at least not in it's entirety).

You may remember that I have a jewelry line from the giveaway I did last year. Now Prairie and Pearl never really took off like I hoped it would so I'm considering calling it quits, but in the course of creating this line of jewelry I have amassed quite the collection of trinkets (for lack of a better word). These little bits and baubles normally live in drawers above my work table- hidden away- but today I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Pen knives
Pens and pencils
Tiny achievement badges (anyone know where these would have been displayed?)

Random tags 
The whole concept behind Prairie and Pearl was taking unusual vintage bits like these, combining them with modern findings and creating jewelry 'with a vintage past'. I had already gathered a small collection of these types of items, and once I had a reason to buy more, I'd grab up every funny little thing I found at estate sales, flea markets, and even Etsy.

Pocket and stop watches 
Mini padlocks
Swivel clips
I ended up with multiples of nearly everything, in hopes that once the jewelry started selling I would need to be able to create multiple versions of each piece (though no one piece was exactly alike). With so many little items collected and put away in drawers I feel a bit like a hoarder now, and may start selling them to people who can put them to use.

Pen nibs
Close up- aren't they cool?
Do you have things you've collected for projects you've never completed? It seems sad to let all of this go, but if I'm not going to use them, it's more sad to have them hidden away- right?

If you're interested in seeing the rest of the Prairie and Pearl line (or what's listed at least), visit my Etsy shop.