DIY: Easy Triangle Hair Clips

{Silly photo via Smilebooth for Method}
A few weeks ago, while planning this outfit (for a party at Alt), I couldn't find the right hair accessories for that dress, which I really wanted to wear. I'm not very talented in the hair-do department, so I really depend on accessories to bring a little something special to my party hair. Not wanting to waste any more time searching the stores, I decided to craft something up. 

These little triangle clips were a breeze to whip up, and I got loads of compliments on them as well (I even made a few extras to gift to a few blogger friends). Want to make some for yourself? Well read along and you'll learn how. 

Triangle Hair Clips
Time: 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes drying time)

Metallic 'pleather belting' (I found mine in the ribbon/trim section at Joann's)
Bobby pins
Jewelry glue (or any glue you like that has good hold and works with fabric and metal)
Self healing mat
Metal straight edge
Exacto knife (or scissors if you don't have one)
Clamps or clips (optional)
Sheet of paper towel to dry on

Start by deciding what kind of triangle you want. I picked an equilateral (or close to it) since it was the easiest to measure and cut (an equilateral has sides of equal length). Line your straight edge up where you want to make the first cut, then run the Exacto knife along the straight edge, pressing hard. Remove the scrap piece. 

Now line the straight edge up where you will make your next cut. Repeat step one. 

Repeat steps one and two until you have the desired number of triangles.

Flip the triangle over. You'll see it has a slit in the material. 

Gently peel the larger end away.

Flip the opened up piece over. 

Take your Exacto knife and make a small slit, parallel to the fold. The slit need not be any longer than 1/4 in. 

Insert the bobby pin into the slit until the bend in the pin reaches the edge of the slit.

Flip the piece back over. Apply a thin coat of glue to half of the pleather material (the half the slit is on). Be careful not to apply too much, and avoid applying glue too close to the slit.

Fold the material back into a triangle and press together. 

To ensure an extra secure hold, use clamps or clips. If using a metal clamp/clip, fold a small piece of paper towel up and place it between the sides of the clip to keep it from leaving a mark on the material. 

Let dry for 10 minutes or so (depending on what kind of glue you used). 

Done! Easy, right? If you make these for yourself, I'd love to see a picture of them! Tag me on Instagram (gatherandhunt) or email them to me! 

Are you enjoying these DIY's? I know they're not vintage, but hopefully you like them anyway? I love hearing your feedback, so please let me know what you think!