Finds to Fancy

It has been a long time since I've done a Finds to Fancy! I think that's mostly due to the fact I haven't been doing much hunting lately. However, I did do a little thrifting while I was in Utah awhile back and I hit one estate sale this morning, so I thought I'd share my favorite finds from those outings.

This set of brass candlesticks in varied heights came from a thrift shop in Vegas that I popped into on my way home from Utah. I love that the whole set was still together.

The estate sale I went to earlier today was not a great one, but the lady of the house must have loved Guatemalan weaving- there were wall hangings, fabrics, jackets, tops, and tons of those little zippered coin purses. I spotted this tote at the bottom of a pile in a closet and after discovering it was quite clean and in really good shape decided it'd be fun for a summer bag. It even (almost) matches a long table runner/weaving I had picked up in another room.

This weekend I'm heading to the Long Beach flea market to do some prop shopping for my class at The Vintage Whites Market next month, so hopefully I'll have a good Finds to Fancy for you next week.

What have you found lately? I'd love to see! You can either tag me on Instagram (@gatherandhunt) or send me a photo to share here on a future Finds to Fancy.

Happy weekend! It's 80 degrees here today so we are eating dinner outside- but first I've gotta get the patio table cleaned up. What are your plans? Something fun I hope!