Introductions (or the Business Cards of Alt Summit)

If you've been, or even heard about Alt Summit, you probably know that business cards are a big deal there.

Everyone really goes all out- lots of color, unusual shapes and sizes...

My Childish, A Ruffled Life, We Love Citrus, Love Creative, Small for Big, Tanya Wang (MSN), Squirrelly Minds, Melissa Esplin, Blogging it Forward, Piece of Cake//Peace of Mind, Lovely Indeed with creative little bonus gifts...

Pictilio, Grassroots Modern, Roundhouse Designs, Sharon McMullen, South Holly Road, Plastolux, Restyle Source, Raincoast Cottage.

...and of course, lots of letterpress! Holly's card, in the top right corner, was something I'd never seen before- flocked paper with foiled letterpress- definitely a cool one. 

Ravenna Girls, Paper n Stitch, Scout, Michelle Edgemont

There were cards from friends I made last year (which somehow all match each other!). 

And even from a friend I made a very long time ago- Sarah from Ringos Girl and I are friends from high school and hadn't seen each other in 10 years! 

While there are hundreds of great business cards at Alt, and even greater people that go with those cards, I wanted to make sure to introduce you to some of my new friends, who have great blogs or businesses I think you'll love.

Melanie/Mobile & Making. Melanie and I were on the thrift store tour together and I loved how smart and funny she was. She also gave me valuable advice to help me decide between two necklaces, so she's a great shopping buddy. The special version of her card is one of my faves- with a little leather card case and a pocket square, both of which she made. Her blog is filled with wonderful creative projects and she's launching a shop soon!

Jana/Vintage Whites Market. Jana and I have become e-friends over the last year (and she currently lives in my homestate), so I was really excited to spend some time with her in real life! She and her best friend started a lovely vintage market together which keeps growing, and now includes a Spring show in Salt Lake City which I'll be participating in (details about that later). Jana rocked an amazing array of vintage dresses, including a floor length 1920's style fringed dress that was the talk of the mini parties. 

Leslie Fandrich. I began keeping up with Leslie on Twitter about a month ago and she seemed like an amazing person so I was eager to meet her. She certainly proved me right. One of my favorite moments of the whole week was a conversation she and I had about her finding all these beautiful letters between her grandparents. I love her card because not only is it letterpress, but she designed and hand-drew all the elements- so talented.

Natalie/The Field Trip Co. Natalie and I sat next to each other at a round table session and the awesome waxed canvas bag she was carrying drew me to her. Then she busted out these card/notebook combos and I knew we'd get along- isn't her branding beautiful? Turns out she runs a business taking people out on actual field trips, and she recently moved to Seattle. Amazing, right? I'm so excited to see how her business grows in it's new Seattle location- I know it's going to be a hit.

Kait/Yuppie Love. Kait and I met at the first event of the week and discovered we had several accessories in common (thankfully we didn't wear them at the same time). Kait is so genuine, and her blog is as beautiful and stylish as she is. She hails from Calgary Canada, and is doing a Valentine's Day workshop at Anthropologie there next week- if you're in that area, you should definitely check it out!

Rachel/Lupa & Pepi. I only wish I had met Rachel earlier than Saturday night. A warm and charming lady, she has a custom and ready made paper goods company with loads of lovely designs.  

Aaron/Seesaw. I met Aaron at the Wednesday dinner where he took the time to tell us all about his soon to launch company. Seesaw is a tool that makes it fast and easy to ask for input from others when you're making a decision. I'm constantly sending texts or links or posting to social media sites when I need help choosing between things, so Seesaw is right up my alley. I think you'll like it too- head over today to claim your username. 

Kristin/The Cuisinerd. Kristin is one of my new favorite people, and even better, she lives 20 minutes away from me so we get to keep the party going in real life! Her blog is an explosion of amazing food goodness and I really dig her style too. Hers was another of my favorite cards- complete with clever food wordplay and yes, even a hamburger yo-yo. 

Emily/Peck Life. Emily lives in the Seattle area and I had heard of her before I left town, but we never managed to meet. I'm so glad I got to know her at Alt. One of the kindest and sweetest people, I was blown away by her energy and positivity, especially considering she's 6 and a half months pregnant and the days can be long at Alt (I'm sure I would have been such a grump, had I been in her shoes). Emily's blog is beautiful and is a lovely peek into her life.

Visual Supply Co. I've been using their camera app on my phone for a awhile now and love it, so I was floored when one of their founders, sought me out to ask for a business card because she liked the logo so much! The entire VSCO team that attended Alt were wonderful folks and while I was already sold on the amazingness of their products, I knew I needed to share with you so you can check them out too.

Moorea Seal. Another Seattleite who I didn't meet before leaving town, Moorea has a jewelry line that I've been smitten with for awhile. Imagine my delight when my lunch time gift from Bing was a Moorea Seal necklace! Meeting her after that lunch, my love for her grew even more. In addition to being a talented jewelry (and more) designer, she's exceptionally stylish, and super genuine. I only wish I was still in Seattle so we could hang out.

Gabriel/The Artful Desperado. Gabriel is one of the funniest people I've met in a while. Every conversation I had with this charming and stylish man had me in stitches. His blog, where he covers everything from art to culture to food and more, is stunning and reflects his impeccable style perfectly. 

Lastly, I thought I should show you how my cards turned out! People seemed to really like them, which pleased me, and other than being a pain to carry around in bulk, due to their size, I had a lot of fun giving them out.

Inside the hand stamped wrapper, I tucked one of my business cards, along with a vintage photograph. I secured it all with a tiny bulldog clip (which if you've been here before you know I love). 

On the back of the photo, for a little extra something, I taped some hints on finding vintage at estate sales and thrift stores. I hope those tips come in handy! (And for those of you at home- I've got a post with all those tips coming up later this month).

I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my favorites from this years Alt Summit, and that you'll enjoy their blogs and businesses even more!

Happy weekend everyone!