Round 'Em Up: DIY Valentines

In what is now an annual tradition (this post last year was wildly popular), I thought I'd share my favorite Valentine's Day DIY's.

Love these arrows and quiver from Sugar and Cloth! The way to my heart is definitely with arrows. Ashley even incorporated date night ideas into the craft, so they're more than just a valentine.

This printable astronaut valentine from Dandee Designs is great for kids, kids at heart, or if you happen to know an astronaut. (Ha ha).

With this big blizzard making it's way over the east coast, these handwarmers from Armommy would be a welcome valentine. Armommy even has the fabric you see for sale, or you can use your own.

For some old school charm (at least for those of us born pre text messages and email), these junior high love notes from Assemble are perfect! Plus, you probably already have notebook paper and pen.

An easy, and useful valentine, these rulers from Thompson and Spring would be perfect to send off to school with the kids since they'll meet even the strictest food/allergy policies.

When I first saw these honey stick valentines from Smile and Wave, I actually said "genius" out loud. Brilliant and cute. That Rachel is so clever!

A project that might take a bit more skill, but will be useful long past Valentine's Day, these heart coin purses from Fabric Paper Glue are made of leather, but you could substitue a heavy vinyl if leather's not your thing.

Lastly, my very favorite of the bunch- this awesome gilded dinosaur valentine from Lovely Indeed! You may not know this, but my husband and I love dinosaurs, and we even have a collection of dino toys that we pick up whenever we win tickets from skee ball. This clever, but easy dinosaur would definitely be a hit in our house. This one would even work for the Valentine's haters in your life (since he's eating the cute little hearts), right?

What are you making for Valentine's Day this year? I've been working on a few string art projects which I'll be sharing on Monday. Tonight we're having a little V-Day get together with some friends so I'm headed off to get all the last minute details taken care of.

Have an awesome weekend!