Finds to Fancy: Vintage Whites Market

Last week I shared a peek at the Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake City with you, but I didn't share any of my purchases with you. Since I definitely found a few things I fancy there, it seemed fitting to give them a Finds to Fancy post all their own.

Upon discovering this step stool folded, I couldn't get my money out fast enough. I've been looking for an old one for years, but have never found one that folded up as neatly as the modern one I have. Now I have a functional step stool that can also be used as a prop. The stool, as well as this cool military metal drum (which I will likely use for flowers) both came from the charming Ande Monster booth.

After the kindness Cathie from Flea Attitude showed me by lending me shelves to use in the workshop, I knew I wanted to make sure and support her with a purchase. She had loads of amazing things, so it wasn't a hard decision at all.

She had a whole pile of what I think are iron drill bits (if anyone knows for sure what it is, please comment below), and she had even gone to the trouble of sealing them so the rust wasn't rubbing off on everything. I wanted all of them, but restrained myself with just one.

As you may have noticed, I have a small collection of old bottles, and a milk glass collection, but this is my first milk glass bottle. I love the embossed type on it, which reads 'Harriet Hubbard/Ayer/New York N.Y./ USA'. (Harriet Hubbard was apparently the first american woman to have a large cosmetics company).

The brass hose clamp rings in the next photo were also found at Flea Attitude, and as is occasionally the case with me and little old things, I'm not sure what I'll be using them for.

Though I wish I had been able to spend more money on all the wonderful goods Dots & Stripes had in their booth, I love these little photo holders, and Caytlyn was kind enough to gift me the adorable little ampersand too, which I can't wait to add to the new vignette I'm working on that's all about the mister and I.

Jennifer, of Funky Junk, always has an amazing selection of unique items, and really has a knack for finding the coolest industrial things. There were so many things I wish I could have bought from her, but I narrowed it down to this spoon. It's worn just perfectly and will make a good addition to the photo styling prop collection.

My final purchase of the day was this new old stock wooden gas gauge. John, from The Cabinet of Curiosity, had a whole pile of them and told me about how early model cars came with something similar but that since they were wood, they became worn out over time so gas stations would have these available. Since different kinds of cars had different styles of gas tanks, each manufacturer would have a gauge specific to their car. I loved the graphic look of it and think it will fit in nicely with my unusual measuring tools collection (which I still need to install in our new place).

What have you found lately? As always, I'd love to see! Tag me in an Instagram photo (@gatherandhunt), or even better, send me some photos to be featured in a future edition of Finds to Fancy!