In the Kitchen: Easter Brunch (Part 2)

Unless this is your very first time at Gather and Hunt, you probably know that the Old Fashioned is my drink. For the Easter brunch menu I wanted a cocktail that was a little outside the usual mimosa and bloody mary realm, so I decided to try a breakfast version of my go-to drink and created the Maple Old Fashioned. 

Possibly even more simple than a regular Old Fashioned, for this cocktail you'll need:

Bourbon or whiskey (I'm on a rye kick lately, and Bulleit is one of my favorites for rye or bourbon)
Orange bitters (Angostura is my top choice for orange bitters)
Good quality pure maple syrup
Orange slices (to add a little color I used a blood orange)

Start by squeezing an orange wedge into the bottom of the glass (no muddling required). Add 2-3 dashes orange bitters and 1 tablespoon maple syrup. Top with 2 oz whiskey. Stir. Add 2-3 ice cubes. Enjoy.

I even skipped the cherry on this one, which is usually my favorite part (as long as the cherries are good and not those neon red ones). The maple really complements the spice of the rye nicely and since it's small in ounces, your guests will still have room for coffee.

I hope these Easter brunch ideas have been helpful. Have a lovely holiday weekend and let me know if you make any of the dishes from my menu- I'd love to know what you thought.